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The new range of Bosch retro-fit blades use the Quick-Clip system making really easy to fit. Turn those old blades into the new slick looking aero blades as seen on many new cars today. The new style fastening mechanism with the Quick-Clip adapter allows the flat Aerotwin wiper to hook easily into normal wiper arms. Simply hook the wiper arm into the adapter – changing the wiper blade remains as easy as ever.

Proven Aerotwin quality used as original equipment
Excellent wipe quality across the whole windshield by using special spring strip technology
Because of even contact on the screen you will achieve a much longer service life
Much quieter compared to normal type wiper blades – no more horrible squeaks!
Special coating of wiper lip for fantastic wiper performance
Very easy to change using the Quick-Clip adapter
We have superb customer satisfaction due to top notch technology and great looking design
Easy Self-explanatory packaging

Please note these will fit straight on to all Defenders, The price is for one wiper blade. Select 3 if you require back and front.


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5 reviews for Bosch Aero Wiper Blades

  1. peter dyson

    Easy Snap fit Blades, a big improvement in performance to the standard fit item and look better as well.

  2. Richard Morris (verified owner)

    Wow!!! I know you shouldn’t get excited about a set of wiper blades but I fitted these and the difference is amazing… they actually work for a start, the snap fitting are really easy to install and they do what it says on the tin… but they do it so much better… Good find Ben….

  3. François Blanchard.

    Finally from REAL wiper blades EFFICIENT and durable: throw away your genuine without regret!
    Nothing to complain about after 1 year of use, under conditions of heat and heavy rain on the island of Reunion.
    Excellent product.

  4. Neil Thody (verified owner)

    Cheap and effective – miles better than standard LR wiper blades. Quiet too. No brainer.

  5. Owen James (verified owner)

    Excellent replacement, big improvement on the standard wipers, easy to fit and looks 100% more purposeful, Recommended!

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