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At The Thatched Garage, we offer rust prevention treatments for all Defender 90s & 110s but we are also able to carry this out to other vehicles of the Land Rover & Range Rover Marque.

We carry out these treatments in our Sussex based workshops, but do cover greater areas including Sussex, Surrey & Kent.

Our treatments are very detailed and we do require all vehicles for around a week to carry out the treatment process.

Firstly we steam clean the chassis to remove any soil & debris, we then inspect the condition of the chassis.

Upon inspection of the chassis we will then tell you if any remedial work is required to the chassis before the treatment is carried out, if extra work is required there is an extra charge for this.

Remember this is a rust prevention treatment and not a miracle cure, if the chassis has holes or is laminating this does need to be seen to before any treatment can be completed.



After we have inspected the chassis, we then start the treatment process, preparation is the key to any treatment, as you cannot just cover over the rust, as the treatment will not stick and will just fall off over time, be careful if booking cheaper treatments as the preparation is what takes the time. As Defenders are now getting older the preparation times are increasing.

1. We wire wheel and pin gun any rusty areas of the chassis

2. We strip the x-member to bare metal

3. We treat any rusty areas with a rust converter, this stops the reaction going any further.

4. We coat the inside & outside of the chassis along with the axles with an inhibitor.

5. we coat the outside of the chassis and axles in a black wax.

6. We also spray the rear x-member in Raptor, which is very hard wearing.

DEFENDER 90 £1535

DEFENDER 110 £1769


Package 2 is an additional charge to package 1, we replace all rusty bolts on the vehicle with stainless steel which eliminates this problem from happening again.

We replace all door Hinge bolts with Stainless Steel Bolts

We replace tub to x-member bolts with stainless steel bolts.
We replace bonnet hinge bolts with stainless steel bolts.
We replace bumper bolts with stainless steel bolts.

We replace X-member to seat mounting bolts with stainless steel bolts.

DEFENDER 90 £ 485

DEFENDER 110 £609


Now that the Chassis is fully protected and all the bolts have been replaced with stainless steel

The next area to pay attention to is the paintwork.

We fully valet your vehicle inside and out.

We also machine any light scratches out of the paintwork.

We remove any impurities from the paintwork by washing it and using a clay bar.

Once this is done we then apply the ceramic coating to the paintwork.

This will then protect your paintwork, as well as having your chassis protected.

Once this is carried out, you will no longer need to polish your vehicle,

Instead just simply wash it with the kit provided.
DEFENDER 90 - £650
DEFENDER 110 - £650
Please note all 3 prices are listed separately, so that you can pick and choose which packages you would like

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