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Sound Proofing Your Land Rover Defender ® by TMD

Our Sound proofing / Deadening is probably the most comprehensive kits on the market. As we do not just use one or 2 layers, we in fact use 3 layers

  • Step 1We firstly remove all the seats, door cards window surrounds and headlining from the vehicle, so we have a hollow shell to work with.
  • Step 2 We apply a 3mm Black sound deadening matting to all the floor, seat boxes, wheel arch boxes, doors, side panels and roof, the point of this is to stop vibrations. Vibrations are amplified through the metal panels of the vehicle. By applying the sound deadening matting, the vibrations will be minimised, and the vehicle will seem instantly quieter.
  • Step 3 Once you have got rid of the vibrations, you need to get rid of the airborne noise, to do this we fit a foam layer on top of the sound deadening matting on the roof and side panels, this will also stop any rattles or squeaks from the side panels.
  • Step 4 Our last layer is to try and block any low frequency & Exhaust noise, to do this we use a Heavy vinyl layer with foam, this is applied on top of the sound deadening matting to all floor areas of the vehicle and is our final layer of this system.
  • Step 5 We then put the vehicle back together ready for collection.

 Please Note: we need the vehicle for around a week to carry out this treatment, each piece is hand cut into shape and it is very time consuming.

Price our as follows and are inclusive of VAT