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Soundproofing Land Rover Defender®

At TMD our sound proofing is probably the most thorough on the market, this is because most people typically only fit a first layer, whereas we fit a total of 3 layers. Each of the different layers has its own sound deadening properties, thus meaning a much quieter vehicle.

Once the vehicle has arrived with us, the first job is to remove the interior, we remove all the seats, along with the headlining, carpets, or rubber mats, then we remove all the door cards and the window surrounds. This gives us a good base to commence the soundproofing installation.

soundproofing-defender-section 1

Once the vehicle has been fully stripped, we then apply the first layer of sound proofing. We apply a black 3mm layer of soundproofing to all areas of the vehicle, each piece is hand cut into place and we fit this layer to the areas below:

The inside of all the doors, all floors, including seat box and wheel arch boxes. The side panels of the vehicle & the roof of the vehicle.
The benefit of this layer is to stop vibrations. Vibrations are amplified through the metal panels of the vehicle. By applying the sound deadening matting, the vibrations will be minimised, and the vehicle will seem instantly quieter.

Once the first layer has been installed, we then apply a layer of foam to the roof, this layer stops any airborne noises, this will also stop any rattles or creaks.

After this we apply a heavy vinyl layer with foam to all floor panels, the purpose of this layer is to stop any low frequency noises or noises from the exhaust.

Once all the layers have been installed, we then refit the interior, the only decision left to make is whether you would like carpets installed. This is priced additionally to the sound proofing.

soundproofing-defender-section 4

Prices for our 3 stage treatments are as follows:

Defender 90 £3195
Defender 110 £3450
Defender Double Cab £3195
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