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At TMD we have one of the best selections of Defender upgrades on the market, we also have full workshop facilities too.

We can carry out various upgrades, to full vehicle builds, in our Sussex based workshop.

Whether you just want to upgrade your lighting, replace your Grille or have a suspension package fitted this is something we can do for you.

We also carry out full vehicle transformations, you can select the range of upgrades that you desire, then we can build your vehicle the way you want it. With our expert knowledge we can recommend things that work well and not so well together.

We can also get custom interiors made, including new seating, soundproofing and stereo installs.

Want to have a complete respray on your vehicle? This is also something we can do. You could stay with the same colour or choose something totally new.

We also have the facilities to carry out full restorations including new galvanised chassis, or we also offer a range of chassis treatments, to protect the life of your Defender.