Defender Short Shift SHIFT-R (V2)



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Defender Short Shift  – Quick Shift – SHIFT-R (V2)

  • Fits Defender Tdci from 2007-2016
  • Shorter Gear Changes
  • Smoother Gear Changes
  • Easy to Install – 4 Bolt Fitment
  • Comes complete and ready to install – The only item needed from the original gear stick is the gaiter at the bottom.
  • Fits Both RHD & LHD Models
  • Far more pleasurable driving experience.
  • Fit with all gear stick assemblies from original to aftermarket that fit in the same way as the original unit.

The Key differences between this and the last version is the manufacturing process.

The shaft and the 2 balls are machined from a single billet.

The Gear stick will now sit in a more original position.

Sitting in the Original position it will suit both right hand drive and left hand drive users far more.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg

please note:
we are still taking orders and delivering within the UK and across the world.