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Defender Short Shift  – Quick Shift – SHIFT-R

  • Fits Defender Tdci from 2007-2016
  • Shorter Gear Changes
  • Smoother Gear Changes
  • A more modern feeling gear change.
  • Easy to Install – 4 Bolt Fitment – The hardest part is removing your carpet.
  • Comes complete and ready to install – The only item needed from the original gear stick is the gaiter at the bottom.
  • Fits Both RHD & LHD Models
  • Far more pleasurable driving experience.
  • Fits with all gear stick assemblies from original to aftermarket that fit in the same way as the original unit.
  • Sits in original position
  • Please note this comes complete with lower Cup, Other companies sell this item separately, ours is a complete assembly so all you need to do is add grease and swap the unit over.




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