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TMD Security door hinges for Defender 110

New Design for 2021

Manufactured exclusively for TMD in the UK.

Each Hinge is Manufactured out of Billet Aluminium (60-82 Grade)

Then each item is polished, Bright anodised and then anodised black.

This gives the product a very high end, black mirror finish coating.

They have Stainless Steel Studs on the door side of the hinge so that there is no access to a bolt from the exterior of the vehicle.

On the Front side of the Hinge they are first supplied with a Security fixing bolt, so that the hinge can be attached to the Bulkhead or the B post on a 110, They then have a Pin that stops access to this bolt, they then have a security cap which screws in on top of this bolt. There is also one more level of security. A unique key for every batch produced will be supplied with the kit.

The door pins are Stainless Steel and are now larger than previous batches and have nylon bushes to stop wear between the pin & the Aluminium, these pins are also held into place with a grub screw from the rear.

110 Kit Contains:- 4 front Hinges, 4 Middle row hinges, 16 x Stainless Steel Studs, 16 x Security Bolts, 16 x Security Caps, 1 x Security Key, 8 x Plastic Shims.

New Flower shape key now available along with another great security feature that cannot be disclosed.


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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 32 × 18 cm