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Defender® LED Headlights - DUAL BURN PRO JW SPEAKER EVO 2


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Defender® LED Headlights – JW SPEAKER EVO 2 PRO DUAL BURN

Supplied with black stainless steel headlight rings & fixings.

The history of J W Speaker headlamp evolution.

  • 2009 – introduced the worlds first LED aftermarket 7″ headlamp approved for road use in Europe
  • 2012 – Evolution series with the introducing various options such as a choice of chrome or black bezel and with or without position light.
  • 2014 – J W Speaker set the benchmark for LED Headlamps yet again with the introduction of the Evolution 2 range of 7″ round 2D1 PAR 56 replacements.
  • 2018 – J W Speaker incorporate DUAL BURN technology within the lamp to create the Evolution 2 Dual Burn exclusive
  • 2020 – Evo 2 Dual Burn becomes PRO with yet another boost in output and greater resilience in higher temperature environments
  • The light output has risen yet again boosting performance by keeping low beam on when switching to high beam to ensure the road ahead is filled with a pool of light. To put this into perspective the performance is now 2.5 times more than the Trucklite / Britpart DA6280K
  • Input Voltage 12-24V DC Operating Voltage 9-32V DC
  • Black Wire Ground
  • Yellow Wire Low Beam
  • White Wire High Beam
  • Current Draw 3.60A @ 12V DC (High Beam) 2.00A @ 12V DC (Low Beam) 1.80A @ 24V DC (High Beam) 1.10A @ 24V DC (Low Beam)
  • Raw Lumen Output 4,170 (High Beam) 2,340 (Low Beam)
  • Effective Lumen Output 1,340 (High Beam); 694 (Low Beam)
  • Candela Output 84,700 (High Beam); 30,600 (Low Beam)
  • Nominal LED Colour Temperature 5000K

Supplied with black stainless steel headlight rings

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 33 × 27 × 24 cm