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Defender Intercooler Upgrade Td5, 2.2 TDCi, 2.4 TDCi


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Defender Intercooler Upgrade.

A brand new specification Defender TD5, Puma 2.4 & Puma 2.2 TDCi Performance Intercooler compatible with cars with AC or non AC.

This HI-FLOW Intercooler is constructed using a hi-grade LM25 cast aluminium tank which is then CNC machined for a perfect fit to the centre cooling core – giving maximum strength when compared to folded plate end tanks. The very hi-spec centre cooling core is made to our desired specification and constructed with internal serrated and louvered finned tubes, which are designed to turbulate the internal charge air whilst giving a lower drop pressure across the core, also proving to be way more efficient than OEM, therefore yielding the maximum cooling effect; which is key to an efficient and balanced Intercooler package.

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Weight 20 kg