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These kits fit inside of your doors, so if the hinge bolts are removed from the bulkhead which have captive nuts installed the door cannot just be pulled off.

They are very easy to install, but work so well, these really will stop a lot of door theft which is a very expensive part to replace.

They are made for front and middle doors only, the back door is not as easy to remove.

The hinge guard is built to exact specification and was developed to fit all Defender models and years. It has been engineered for maximum protection and ease of fitment. Each Hinge Guard kit consists of two CAD engineered stainless steel plates which fit inside of each hinge point, restricting outward movement of the door with the bulkhead bolts removed. Fitting the Hinge Guards is incredibly easy with comprehensive fitting instructions supplied. Each door kit can be easily fitted in 20-30 minutes. After installation, only the top of each plate can be seen, providing an unobtrusive modification and deterrent to would-be thieves. Features > Notched upper guard – fits neatly around the dash padding without compromising security. > Custom folds – each plate has a carefully measured, very small offset to allow it to close around the door frame without tearing the door seal. > High-Grade 304 Stainless Steel – 2mm thick: thin enough to fit unobtrusively, more than thick enough to protect your hinges. > Individually profiled – lower and rear hinges profiled for a perfect fit across all variants.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 5 cm