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Heavy Duty Defender Clutch Replacement

For Land Rover Defender 2.4/2.2 Tdci from 2007 to 2016

These clutches use commercial friction plate material, which is burst tested to 250 degrees C

The springs within the plate are also up rated by 20% (The springs are what causes many of the problems within the tdci clutches as they are not up to the job, this is what causes many of the rattles as the springs break up within the clutch plates)

Clutchfix HD1 Kit for 2.4 & 2.2 Tdci
Kit Includes
Clutchfix HD1 Clutch Plate
Clutchfix HD1 Clutch Cover
FTE Slave Cylinder
2 x Updated Genuine adaptors.



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1 review for Defender Clutch HD1 – TDCI Replacement CLUTCHFIX

  1. Tom Ellis

    One of the best things I could have done for my Defender! This uprated heavy duty ClutchFix clutch is much better suited to the increased torque that my engine can throw out, so it was a good choice for me. Rattling clutch springs in my old clutch when at idle were driving me mad. That rattle is gone at last and I can power off road without worrying about damaging the clutch. Absolutely superb kit!!

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