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This is a treatment for a Defender 110 – That can be carried out in our Sussex Based workshop.

We do require the vehicle for 1 week to carry out this treatment, as we do need to allow for drying times between coats

Consists of the following:

Firstly we take your vehicle and give it a full steam clean to the underside. Then we allow this to dry.

Next we mask up or remove any items in case of over spray

Next we fill the chassis with an inhibitor wax, which protects the inside of the chassis from corrosion

After this we coat the chassis in Corroless S. This looks like a red oxide when it is applied. Once this is dry we apply a second coat.

Once the Corroless S has dried we then paint on the final black coating, which is Corroless RF, this is a reinforced glass coating but in black. we also apply 2 coats of this.

Once this whole system is applied it will give your vehicle up to 15 years protection.

The price is just for the main chassis treatment, we can do additional areas such as inside the bulkhead or axles for an additional cost.

Vehicles can be dropped off and collected on Saturday’s.



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