Auto Clutch


New from TMD Defender Semi-Auto-Clutch.

Are you tired of the heavy clutch associated with the Defender? But can’t quite stretch to the costly process of having an Automatic conversion?

Well at TMD we have come up with the answer. The Auto Clutch, this is an electronically controlled clutch. Tested for over a decade in the Motorhome industry.

The Semi-Automatic clutch lets you switch between manual and Auto clutch at the touch of a button.

When installed on your vehicle, you just have too flick a switch and the Auto-Clutch is engaged. Then depress the brake pedal, the clutch will then go down and come up to biting point electronically, then you select your gear, accelerate and away you go.

When you change gear you just push the button on the gearstick which then operates the clutch and change gear as normal.

When you come to a junction, and the revs drop down, just put your foot on the brake and the clutch will depress, select your gear, accelerate and away you go.

The unit is not a DIY fitment and can only be fitted by our qualified technicians, who have been trained on the installation for this system. There are 4 speed settings for this unit. It works with every kind of driver, the unit has been fitted to track cars, which use the highest setting, so gear changes with this unit installed are no slower than changing in the regular way.


This can be supplied and fitted for only £2195 – CALL NOW ON  01825 841148 to book your auto-clutch fitting.

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