Welcome To TMD

Yes, a warm welcome to TMD Tuning & Upgrades for Defenders®. A sparkling, innovative 2013 addition to The Thatched Garage home of The Man for Land Rovers, founded in 1987.

TMD. In just 18 months or so, we've matched the old and the new, brought you the best of everything. Tuning. Upgrades. Parts. Online Shop. It’s the place to be. Already folk consider us right there at the forefront of the marketplace. Yeah!

At TMD we’ve teamed up with Bell Auto Services (BAS) to bring out the best in your Land Rover, be it Defender - Discovery - Evoque - Freelander - Range Rover or RR Sport. Peter Bell is legendary in improving performance techniques, as is The Man himself in Independent Land Rover circles. So together, we’ll bring the finest Bespoke Tuning to you. Better than all the rest? Wow!

Going Shopping? Stop, you’re here! The TMD ONLINE SHOP brings you the most inspired, carefully selected array of Tuning & Upgrade goodies and parts on the Net. Quality rules. Prices surprise. All down to 30 years of experience and our buying power. The best of both worlds. Nationwide or worldwide. It’s all possible. Just a click away. Go for it!

Or perhaps visit us at The Thatched Garage. Our Workshops and Technicians just love all the latest Land Rover stuff. Tune, Sir? Upgrade, Captain? Absolutely anything for any Land Rover model, in house. Your call.

Off the peg? Study our fabulous in house Limited Editions. Or we’ll build one to meet your exact specifications and desires. Between us we will plan and create it, so you can really live & love your dream Defender.

WE’LL GIVE YOU THE POWER TO PULL. Remember, anything is possible. And guaranteed to please! Nice to meet you. Now enjoy our Website.....



    01220 BB 4789

  • Ben and the team have done a Stirling job from start to finish…. I spent almost a year talking to different companies and I’m glad I found Ben and the team. It’s been a real pleasure doing business with them, especially as I’m not an expert on what should be done to get the best from the Landy, Ben has given me some great advise on what to buy and what not to… which was probably one of the most valuable bits as it stopped me wasting money and allowed me to spend it on the stuff I really needed.

    The 2.5hr drive home was a lot more fun now that the upgrades have been fitted. The lowering kit has made a real difference and the power upgrade is really great… not to mention the KBX stuff and the light bar… its still a defender… but now its so much more…. Only issue is I think I’ll need to come back as getting it to stop is the next priority oh and the better half has fallen in love with the Recaro carbon seats…. lucky me….

    RM from Herts seems a happy chappy!

  • @SkytagGPS bought from @MANFORLANDROVER. Great security device brilliant. Thanks for sending the Skytag so quickly, all fitted and working perfectly thanks for your advice.
    E mail & Tweet from a delighted DH, Kent. Read More...

  • Great Job Ben and team! Drives like a dream and the extra power is quite something! A case of Wolf in Sheep's clothing.
    ML of Hants. Via Social Media.

  • A brilliant Momo Nero steering wheel supplied by the great guys @ The Man For Land Rovers, fitted as soon as I got home. Much appreciated y'all. 

    JM of East Sussex. Via Social Media. May 2013. Read More... 


    Firstly awesome job, looks amazing and goes like stink..... Think we found a great balance between sporty looks and style so thanks
    The noise is truly wonderful !

    Via Social Media from DG of Sussex.